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Making a porcelain tooth is not easy, it requires skill and ethics of doctors is to develop dental pulp grinding teeth properly designated, properly to achieve aesthetic standards, the required thickness of ceramic layer after present. The doctor was also decided tooth grinding marrow treatment is necessary or not. For technicians, require new high-skilled have been cleverly covered porcelain, beautiful at the request of patients - especially to the right color with the remaining natural teeth.

In particular, the porcelain teeth also requires ethics and conscience of porcelain dental lab production done right quality porcelain that patients, doctors dentomaxillofacial request.

Technology in dental porcelain tooth in  Lovely, transferred 100% technology directly from the experts and doctors of dental restorations from Japan. In addition, also owns Lovely Dental Laboratory porcelain manufactured at the center to ensure the most optimal process porcelain dental restorations.

Dental Lovely committed to bring you a special price with excellent quality porcelain teeth with porcelain teeth warranty for a long time. Technology Japanese porcelain tooth is Lovely application will bring a durable porcelain-coated result, tooth colored porcelain natural, chew food does not cause discomfort.


Your dentist will try to make the best porcelain teeth with light while maintaining the natural appearance of this false teeth.

Your dentist will give you color chart and you see the same dentist will choose color fused teeth for porcelain teeth. However, the choice of color often have to rely on the color of the adjacent teeth, hair color, skin tone and eye color. The harmonization of the teeth and skin color, hair color creates the perfect combination for the charm of your face.

If there is any anxiety related to dental porcelain as well as aesthetic dental problems, please contact us directly with Lovely Dental or contact hotline for advice timely and more accurate.

Currently on the market there are many different types of porcelain with different quality due to multiple manufacturers and suppliers. The type of porcelain which is derived from countries such as Germany, USA, Japan ... good quality, including non-metallic ceramic ribs made of zirconia - a rigid material such as steel.


Dr. Nguyen Thi De

LOVELY Dental Clinic‘s Director

Dr. Nguyen Thi De is an expert with more than 15 years in the dental industry.

She has achieved by Ho Chi Minh City Odonto-Stomatology Association and National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology - NHOS, Ho Chi Minh City.

Oral health is a major problem in our country. In Viet Nam, over 90% of people suffering from dental problems such as dental tooth decay, tooth loss, oral mucosa ... In these, over 85% of children ages 6 - 8 have tooth decay, average 5 or 4 teeth,  but 94% of these children are not treated.

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