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Periodontal disease is a disease of organizations around the teeth. With chronic inflammation in the gum tissue, alveolar bone and periodontal support tissues of the teeth. Symptoms can be seen as red inflamed gums, easy bleeding, pus, alveolar bone, loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss.

The cause of periodontal disease

The main cause of periodontal disease is a condition caused by poor oral hygiene and enabling the food web along the neck grip teeth, teeth. The bacteria in the plaque buildup will cause gingivitis. Over time, the plaque is calcified (hardening) into tartar (also called tartar). Then, the gums will become inflamed worsens, patients transitioned to periodontitis.

The order for periodontal treatment in Lovely Dental applies 3 types of methods:

  • Non-surgical treatment.
  • Surgical treatment.
  • Maintenance therapy.

Non-surgical treatment:

This is the most basic type of treatment because of the highest adoption rates, is the first treatment step for any treatment plan of periodontal disease. At this stage of treatment, if there is the cooperation of the patient, the results are very positive. This kind of treatment must be made by specialist doctors performed through two steps:

  • Preliminary treatment: specialist will examine and evaluate the factors conducive to the retention of plaque, hindering oral hygiene and control of bacterial plaque.
  • Scrape tartar: handle the tooth root.

Shaving tips tartar is to kind of clean tartar, plaque with hand tools or by ultrasound, smoothing the teeth, gum tissue facilitates healing, return to physiological state of the gums

If removing tartar using ultrasound is required to have continuous water spray with two purposes: Just do not increase the temperature just wash tartar once knocked out the teeth, and so is not affected what to pulp.

Surgical treatment:

Surgery is only applied when applying the conventional treatments, but the disease has no signs of response.

There are many surgical techniques due to periodontal and periodontal therapist made.

Surgical treatment aims to expose and remove the entire periodontal tissue inflammation, may have to cut and reshaped pocket to pay pocket profit interests of depth and physiological correlates with crowns and alveolar bone, the preliminary steps include:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Open the flap benefit both parties to express interest and the bag bottom pathological alveolar bone, teeth reveal ancient, roar teeth, alternating between two teeth
  • Brain infection alveolar bone, gum tissue cutting remove disease, using clean utensils plaque, tartar on the teeth neck, roar teeth, alternating between two teeth
  • Pump washing, sterilizing surgical cases, animals profit initiative formed.

Maintenance therapy:

Maintenance therapy is applied when the disease has progressed well. This is the method to control the disease by controlling bacterial plaque and periodic re-examination. In periodontal disease, the prolonged maintenance therapy until the tooth is no longer available on the arch.

What is maintenance therapy? We can say one patient switched to maintenance therapy as patients have been treated well. Maintenance treatment means that how patients do not relapse, in other words, to control the disease by controlling bacterial plaque and periodic re-examination.


Dr. Nguyen Thi De

LOVELY Dental Clinic‘s Director

Dr. Nguyen Thi De is an expert with more than 15 years in the dental industry.

She has achieved by Ho Chi Minh City Odonto-Stomatology Association and National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology - NHOS, Ho Chi Minh City.

Oral health is a major problem in our country. In Viet Nam, over 90% of people suffering from dental problems such as dental tooth decay, tooth loss, oral mucosa ... In these, over 85% of children ages 6 - 8 have tooth decay, average 5 or 4 teeth,  but 94% of these children are not treated.

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