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Treatment of teeth defects

Some defects in teeth small but negative impact on the aesthetic and the loss of confidence in your daily communication.

  • The teeth were dark, lacking enamel
  • Tooth sparse, worn, large batches
  • Teeth have bad fillings.

Công nghệ hiện đại

Now with solutions from Lovely, help you beautiful smile and teeth with porcelain Veneer Technology applied technology from the US is not much teeth grinding, does not cause sensitivity, comfort, ensuring the aesthetic for the user.

This is a minimally invasive method, your teeth grinding at least compared with other methods to minimize impact on marrow and soft tissue.

  • The shape, location: The shape and position of natural teeth can be reconstructed to better fit with the function and aesthetics of the teeth.
  • Color: When bleaching methods ineffective, Porcelain Veneers are an optimal choice.
  • Stability: Porcelain Veneers withstand the effects of the biological factors, chemical, and mechanical environment in the mouth
  • Soft tissue respond : In the process of grinding teeth, take shape of teeth, Veneers Porcelain less affecting soft tissues
  • Duration: Quickly

Làm sạch da bằng chanh

In addition, cases of excessive darkening teeth, teeth whitening should be done before making Veneers will bring more perfect results.

Veneers Porcelain are cosmetic solutions are preferred due to the resilience of its excellent aesthetics. Technical implementation 0.5mm Ultra Thin Porcelain Veneers, help minimize the teeth grinding, teeth veneers Veneers comprehensive help restore aesthetic.


Dr. Nguyen Thi De

LOVELY Dental Clinic‘s Director

Dr. Nguyen Thi De is an expert with more than 15 years in the dental industry.

She has achieved by Ho Chi Minh City Odonto-Stomatology Association and National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology - NHOS, Ho Chi Minh City.

Oral health is a major problem in our country. In Viet Nam, over 90% of people suffering from dental problems such as dental tooth decay, tooth loss, oral mucosa ... In these, over 85% of children ages 6 - 8 have tooth decay, average 5 or 4 teeth,  but 94% of these children are not treated.

Take good care of your oral health and loved ones!

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